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7:05 PM

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SPHL President's Cup Champions

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Chilly Bear is native to the Appalachian Mountains, near Knoxville, Tennessee. During the hockey season, Chilly spends his days sharpening his skates, fluffing his fur, and practicing his Chuck-a-Puck toss. He can be found throughout the Knoxville Civic Coliseum on game days, causing a ruckus everywhere he goes!


In the Ice Bears’ offseason, Chilly enjoys visiting community schools, libraries and hospitals to share the excitement and passion he has for Knoxville hockey!


Chilly Bear’s hobbies include burning FireAntz with a magnifying glass, antagonizing the Rail Yard Dawgs in his neighborhood, and charming Cottonmouths. He’s is a no-nonsense bear that can’t stand to have any Havoc or Mayhem in his life.


Chilly Bear has been Knoxville’s biggest fan since birth, making him the only bear in the world worthy of representing Ice Bears hockey, year after year!