Daddy Daughter Date Night

Jan 4 2020 Sat 7:35 PM


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Join us on Saturday, January 4th for Decades Night as The Ice Bears take on the Evansville Thunderbolts
Knoxville Ice Bears Daddy Daughter Night

Media: WNML

Tickets: 2 Silver Level Tickets + LED Bracelet + Meal Voucher for $46

      • Meal Voucher: Sml Popcorn, Sml Soda, Hotdog

Game Details:

  • INTERMISSION: Daddy-Daughter Disco

Intermission Extension

Concessions: $10 Meal Voucher (With Ticket Package)

Merch Highlight: LED Bracelets

MemBear Discount: KIB Logo T-shirts & LED Tiaras


Misc.: Shoney Bear in Attendance