Upcoming Promotions

Dec 17 2021 | Fri 7:35 PM

Santa Con

Join us for a night of HO-HO-HOCKEY during our first-ever Ice Bears Santa Con. We encourage you to get in the spirit and dress up as your favorite holiday character! The night will feature preregistered cardboard sled races on the ice to show you how Santa makes it around the world in one night!

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Dec 18 2021 | Sat 7:35 PM

Office Holiday Party

You're invited to an Office Holiday Party for everyone! Large workgroups are encouraged to join. Show your office pride/support and cheer on your Ice Bears! Enjoy food and drink specials all night! Pre-register your office team today for a chance to show just who truly is the best at doing nothing all day at work!

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Dec 26 2021 | Sun 3:00 PM

PJ Day

Wear your most comfortable PJ's and join us for our PJ Day! We will be accepting donations of gently used toys. Pre-registered teams will enjoy family-friendly relay challenges to see who's the greatest of them all!

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Dec 31 2021 | Fri 6:00 PM

Viva Knox Vegas

Bring out the glitz and glamour for Viva Knox Vegas night at the Knoxville Coliseum! The night features an Elvis competition, a mini-casino for charity donation, games, and more.

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Jan 1 2022 | Sat 6:00 PM

The Hangover Night

It's the day after NYE and we all know our heads are feeling larger than life, join us for a larger-than-life experience of your worst (or best) night out. Pre-registered contestants can submit their best (or worst) photos of themselves, or a lucky (potentially unlucky) friend to race on the big ice with fellow big heads! 

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Jan 8 2022 | Sat 7:35 PM

Dino Races Night

Earth's extinct creatures return for Dino Races night at the Ice Bears! Watch as your favorite bobbling reptiles race around the rink in pursuit of victory. 

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Jan 16 2022 | Sun 5:00 PM

Oh, Baby!! Races

Join us as pre-registered crawlers take the ice in this enthralling exhibition of 24month old's (and younger) duking it out for the right to be called the Ice Bears Baby Racing Champion of 2021-2022!

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Jan 21 2022 | Fri 7:30 PM

Ink In The Rink

Can you guess the tattoo?! During intermission, fans will have the chance to guess the Ice Bears' tats based on a pre-recorded message from the player talking about when they got it.

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Jan 22 2022 | Sat 7:35 PM

Star Wars Night

May the force be with the Ice Bears during the annual Star Wars Night at the Knoxville Coliseum! The night will feature cardboard pod races, lightsaber battles, games, and more! We encourage fans to dress up as their favorite Star Wars™ character. 

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Feb 4 2022 | Fri 7:30 PM

Preds Night

Celebrate Tennessee Hockey with us during the annual Preds Night at the Knoxville Coliseum! Watch out as local youth teams take the ice in a short game showcasing their skills and drills!

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Feb 10 2022 | Thu 7:35 PM

Cupids’ Undie Races

Dress up as your favorite angel of love and show your fellow KIB fans just how great of a Cupid you could be! Pre-registered contestants will take to the ice and show off their abilities to "get around"

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Feb 19 2022 | Sat 7:35 PM

Wiener Dog Races

The fasted four-legged race on ice is back! Grab the family and join us for an Ice Bears fan-favorite tradition on February 19th.

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Feb 20 2022 | Sun 3:00 PM

Silver Bears Races

Think you still got it? Preregistered teams of two will race around a course on the ice to see who still has it in them!

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Feb 25 2022 | Fri 7:35 PM

Area 51 Alien Racing

Watch out, Scully! Mulder was right all along, they are here! Preregistered contestants will race to avoid alien abduction into the unknown... will you survive? (No bees or smoking men will be present)

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Feb 26 2022 | Sat 7:30 PM

Wizard Night

"You're a Wizard, Harry!" Join us for our Ice Bears Wizard Night to get the opportunity to play in our very own Quidditch Game during the first intermission.

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Mar 4 2022 | Fri 7:30 PM

Video Game Night

It's our 20 and TN's 225th, so it's only fair to celebrate those games that got us all here! Dress up as your favorite game character and take to the ice for a dance-off of the best Fortnite moves or show your catching skills in our Pokemon dodge ball game!

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Mar 11 2022 | Fri 7:35 PM

Peanuts Night

Celebrate 70 years of one of the oldest and most recognized characters in the world! Dress up as your favorite characters, bring a blanket for those needed moments and celebrate with us their anniversary this year too!

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Mar 17 2022 | Thu 7:35 PM

St Hattrick’s Night

Dress up as a leprechaun to get the opportunity to be chosen to race in our 1st intermission activity. Merchandise highlighted for this game will include our St. Hat Tricks t-shirt and keep an eye out for our unique jersey design to go along with this memBEARable St. Patricks' Day.

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Mar 25 2022 | Fri 7:35 PM

Wrestling Night

Join us for Wrestling Night at the Knoxville Coliseum featuring Knox County Mayor and professional wrestler, Mayor Kane.

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Apr 9 2022 | Sat 7:35 PM

RC Car Racing Night

Test Drive your driving skill on the ice during the 1st-period break in front of thousands of screaming fans. Registering your RC vehicle at HobbyTown Farragut for only $10.00 (waived with any purchase from HobbyTown and receive a discounted ticket to the hockey game.

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Past Promotions

Nov 26 2021 | Fri 7:35 PM

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Night

COWABUNGA!!! It's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Night at the Knoxville Coliseum. Channel your inner Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, or Michelangelo, and join us! Fans are encouraged to wear all black to help us Blackout the arena! You can expect winter-themed games for preregistered adults and more! 

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Nov 24 2021 | Wed 7:35 PM

Get Stuffed – Teddy Bear Toss

Join us the day before Thanksgiving for a fan-favorite – the Teddy Bear Toss – where fans throw stuffed animals on the ice during intermission. All the stuffed animals and collected food will be donated to a good cause at the end of the night!

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Nov 19 2021 | Fri 7:35 PM

We are Volun-Bears!!! All Vol Night

Show your Tennessee spirit and remember your college days as the Ice Bears celebrate the UT Vols during their annual All Vol Night on November 19th! Make sure to wear your orange and white for a rowdy Rocky Top showdown.

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Nov 5 2021 | Fri 7:35 PM

Pride In America Night

Join us for Pride in America Night as we celebrate first responders and military heroes! Before the game, we will have a number of different vehicles on the plaza for kids to check out.

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Oct 31 2021 | Sun 3:00 PM

Ice Bears Trunk or Treat

Celebrate Halloween with us! Join the Ice Bears on the plaza pre-game for an abundant trunk or treat, including everything you can imagine – candy, costumes, games, and more.

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Oct 30 2021 | Sat 7:30 PM

Wiener Dog Races

The Wiener-Dog races are off to an early start this year!  For the first time ever the fast four-legged pups will be racing the fall. Grab the family and join us for an Ice Bears fan-favorite tradition on October 30th.

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Oct 15 2021 | Fri 7:30 PM

Ice Bears 20th Birthday Party

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary on this year's opening night. You can expect to see merchandise highlights like our 20th Anniversary Jersey, intermission activities including party games, and your favorite local ice cream parlors and dessert tables will be set up in the lobby!

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